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A trusted waterproofer can add lots of quality and value to a property

Waterproofing your home may come at some extra cost but will help you improve and enhance your home’s value. A reputable company will use quality materials to maintain the quality of their work. By doing some great work, homeowners can extend the appearance and quality of the property in these areas:

  • Sidewalks
  • Roof
  • Concrete
  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Masonry

Waterproofing other parts of the home would add more value to the house and appeal to potential buyers if you plan to sell the property. If a professional company did not waterproof your home in New South Wales during construction, now may be an excellent time to get it done. You may also decide to have it included even if you didn’t initially plan for it.

When you work with us at Waterproofing Newcastle Arena, you will get only the best level of service. We are a company that is focused on high-quality service and prioritise customer satisfaction. Our work offers only the best waterproofing products with long-lasting durability. During the line of our work, we pay attention to all details and understand all our clients’ demands.

We deliver stellar services based on world-class waterproofing techniques, systems and procedures that have been refined and improved continuously. We are up-to-date with every form of experience needed to deliver high-quality. Each member of our team is skilled, highly trained and certified. We will work so that you have little or nothing to worry about.


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    Why Hire Waterproofing Newcastle Arena?

    Waterproofing Solutions

    At Arena Waterproofing Newcastle, we believe in offering our clients only high quality. All of our waterproofing solutions are reasonably priced and will be designed according to your budget. As highly trained experts in our field, we have a skilled team that’s committed to prompt service delivery and attention to detail on all projects.

    Since our inception, we have excelled at quality service delivery and skilled workmanship. Our business has also enjoyed referrals from past customers because of the extent we go to satisfy our customers.

    We provide state-of-the-art waterproofing systems to different areas of the home. This means that regardless of whatever waterproofing project you want, we are the best choice for you.

    Fully-licensed Waterproofer Contractors

    Another reason to hire us is that we are fully licensed waterproofing contractors. This means that all of our work is fully guaranteed. To offer a further guarantee about our work’s quality, we offer all our clients compliance certificates.

    You can trust us for high-quality workmanship, attention to detail and a constant, honest communication channel with our clients. Arena Waterproofing Newcastle is an ideal choice for all your waterproofing projects.

    Our work is designed for:

    • First-time home owned
    • Project home builders
    • Facility Management Providers
    • High-end residential builders
    • Large local and national building companies
    • ASX-listed multinational building companies
    • Strata

    Highly - skilled Waterproofing Experts

    It’s our job to hire only the best hands to handle all projects. Established for quality service delivery, Waterproofing Newcastle Arena provides stellar services by hiring and training skilled craftsmen. With invaluable years of experience, we have mastered the art of waterproofing at budget-friendly prices.

    All of our experts;

    • are familiar with wet area compliance certificates issues
    • have manufacturer-backed warranties
    • are capable of quality-control deliver
    • are manufacturer-trained staff

    About the Newcastle Waterproof Experts

    Your Experienced Waterproofers in New South Wales

    We are an expert company that provides quality service for the people of New South Wales, Australia. We offer installation and repair or waterproofing elements in homes. Our work takes us across the main urban areas and suburbs in the different corners of the city.

    Our wealth of experience has seen us undertake a variety of projects in different areas of the home, such as;

    • Roof waterproofing
    • Floors
    • Bathroom waterproofing
    • Balconies, Terraces and courtyards
    • Rooftop garden waterproofing
    • Basement walls waterproofing
    • Lift shaft waterproofing
    • Swimming pool waterproofing
    • Water Tank waterproofing, and so on

    At Arena Waterproofing Newcastle, we offer all of our client’s 5-star services at reasonable prices. All members of our teams are manufacturer trained and committed to overwhelming precision and genuine results.

    Our clients are aware of our capabilities, never hesitate to hire us for more projects and continuously give referrals. It’s our goal to be the one-stop solution for waterproofing in New South Wales.


    Factors To Consider When Applying Waterproofing Systems

    Waterproofing is an essential determinant of the durability and sustainability of a home. Each home is different. Therefore, the system of application is critical.

    There are various materials used for waterproofing such as composite sheets, roll-type waterproofing membranes, cold applied liquids, hot-applied rubberised asphalt, self-adhering membranes liquid Elastomeric Polyurethanes, etc. All materials that are used have their respective pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide exactly what suits you best. Overall, polyureas are the best materials that can be used for waterproofing purposes.

    Even though waterproofing is based on the home’s physical properties, some fundamental factors should be considered for the application of these systems. These factors include:

    commercal waterproofing using PVC Waterproofing Membrane

    Weather Conditions:

    It’s essential to consider the temperature and relative humidity of different building parts. The best choice is to apply flexible waterproofing membranes, breathable membranes, or vapour barriers to maintain enough ventilation.

    If you stay in a wet part of the world, you would need to check for any water damage signs. Look at the different corners of the home to determine if you have a water infiltration problem. Damp spots or white chalky substances on walls, cracking walls, peeled paints or even a wet carpet can be signs of water leakage. Any sign of water damage should not be ignored.

    Detecting problems early are possible only due to regular inspection, especially after harsh rain. If your foundation walls and floors are covered, you may want to remove the coverings to check for moisture or mould. If you unravel a situation where you find some moisture in the building structure or foundation, do not panic. Look closely at the problem, identify the leading cause and proffer reasonable solutions.

    cementitious waterproof coating using a paint roller

    Household Disruptions

    Many of today’s waterproofing techniques are invasive and require some level of household disruption. In certain scenarios, wall cracks and other problems can be repaired. Some of these repairs require little work, while others require intensive effort. Before giving the go-ahead for the project, check to identify how the affected areas will disrupt household activities.

    If there will be any disruption, plan for it and set up a game plan that is a reasonable alternative.

    man on a yellow gloves holing a brush to do waterproofing

    Duration of the project

    Performing any project in your home will be time-consuming and inconvenient. Depending on your home’s size and the type of project involved, the entire project can be completed from within a few days to a few weeks.

    Delay any parties or special events until the completion of the project. Keep in mind that a more significant problem can extend the original duration of the project. Make sure to discuss all the details of the project before its commencement. This is the best way to ensure optimal efficiency during the whole work.

    expert waterproofing newcastle using torch-on waterproofing method

    Reviews on past projects

    Reviews are the best way to determine how a company has been doing. Go online, look at the company’s reviews and find out what many people are saying. An honest company will list positive as well as negative reviews. They will also include some crucial information about simple problems.

    These reviews will give you a feel of what the company is about and will provide you with an idea of what you are getting into. It can be a significant influence on your overall decision-making.

    man doing waterproofing a residential area
    waterproofing method to for water resistant purpose
    bathroom waterproofing using Polyurethane waterproof material
    Bituminous Coating Waterproofing Method

    Waterproofing Services in Newcastle

    residential balcony waterproofing newcastle

    Balcony Waterproofing

    If you haven’t done balcony waterproofing, the water that will enter into your balcony can cause irreparable damage. It’s crucial to get everything sorted out before the damage is extensive.

    Waterproofing stops water from seeping into the timber on the balcony which can weaken the timber, causing it to rot and swell. Weak timber can lead to unsafe and unhealthy conditions for homeowners. This makes it a better solution to take preventive measures to help protect your properties and investment.

    Finding the right balcony waterproofing company is a lot of work, but when you work with us, you can rest assured on your project’s quality. You will need a company that is thoroughly trained and licensed with experts. It’s also a great choice to hire those with the required licensing, great referrals and quality service delivery.

    bathroom waterproofing using Bituminous Coating Waterproofing Method

    Bathroom Waterproofing

    Bathroom waterproofing is a lot of work and begins by choosing the right bathroom elements such as the proper shower. We offer stellar bathroom waterproofing services in New South Wales. Our bathroom waterproofing in NSW will prevent any damages caused by water and moisture.

    Arena Waterproofing Newcastle handles complete bathroom waterproofing projects as one of our repair and renovation solutions. This is one of our specialities, and we pride ourselves in providing the best waterproofing results that showcase the high level of our craft. To guarantee our work’s quality, we make use of only the best products on the market.

    A waterproof bathroom will help you maintain the area of the home with minimal effort. This will keep the bathroom clean and as new as possible for a long time. All of our cleaning techniques are up-to-date and will be organised according to what suits you. We will even troubleshoot for any future problems or water leaks.

    Waterproofing Basements

    Do not wait until you find water in your basement before you realise the importance of proper basement waterproofing. All you need to do is hire the right company and get things going. If you search for basement waterproofing companies near you, you’ll find various options, but they can hardly compare to the service quality that we can offer you.

    We use the best methods and materials to keep all of the water out of your basement. Our company is renowned for how much attention we pay to the details of our projects. We will study the unique features of your basement and run a flawless job for you. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution for everything and will make sure to protect the interest of clients. Check out one of our partners at Foundation Rpeair Bloomington, couvreur Reims Marne and basement waterproofing Harrisonburg. Also, Commercial waterproofing in Central Coast.

    FAQs on Home Waterproofing

    How does waterproofing work?

    Waterproofing is designed to protect your walls, prevent leakages and dampness in the property. The waterproofing protection may be in the form of coatings, sealers and membranes. It offers a reasonable level of protection that surpasses regular paint. Waterproofing can also deal with cracks in the wall that may introduce water into a room.

    How can I identify the origin of the dampness in my bedroom? 

    It’s possible to have water seeping through the cracks in your bedroom if there is no waterproofing. Rain and water pouring on the roof can find its way through the walls, cause swelling and find its way into unexpected places. Finding the water’s point of origin is no easy job because water can travel a long way through the building and saturate different structure points.

    What areas need to be waterproofed?

    Every part of the home should be waterproofed, but these areas should be paid more attention;

    • Interior and exterior walls
    • Foundation
    • Roofs
    • Basements
    • Tile cracks and bridges

    How can I deal with cracks on the interior walls of my home?

    If cracks on the home walls are not treated immediately, they can become a serious problem and even destroy the main foundation of the home. Cracks are an indicator of significant damage to the wall of your home. Contact an expert to get it fixed immediately, or you can research any DIY solutions.


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